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Every penny we make we put right back into the band, and then some. Some of the things we pay for that you may not know about are submission fees to music festivals, marketing, and merchandise. We don't use band money to pay for gas, food, or personal equipment. In the future we'd like to purchase some studio time and even save up some money for road trips. Hell, we'd LOVE to quit our jobs and do this full time, so if you have a spare million sitting around... At any rate, we take a loss on all of the merchandise because we don't sell out, and we get MAYBE $200 a gig on a good night. About half the time we play for free. So donations will not go to our pockets. They don't go to a record company or a manager. They go straight back into the band, and that means you get a return on that money in the form of new music that isn't the same shit you hear on the radio every day...Thanks.


Tshirts are here! Come get one at a show! If you can't make it, you can buy one below.

$10 + $6 shipping

$10 + $6 shipping



*Sold Out*

Sold Out: 3" x 11"

Sold Out: 3" x 5"


We're working on a new album. Feel free to pick up a demo at a show or listen to the music player on the left. If you hunt around on the music player you'll find you can download songs there. We're also on Soundcloud.


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Call Ben at 832-216-8545

or email those@findingreason.net

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Original hard rock music out of Houston, TX. Finding Reason became what it is today in the late 2000's after several lineup changes to find the right mix of musicians. With soulful vocals and trumpet, a mix of heavy and melodic guitar riffs and bass lines, and powerful drum beats, Finding Reason has created their own unique contramodern sound that could be described as "nu-grunge."

  • Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet - Bradley Mangrum
  • Guitar/Vocals - Ben Chisholm
  • Drums - Ryan Rushing
  • Bass - Greg Diderich

See full history here:


They've been rockin some of Houston's best venues since 2009 with a mix of mellow, heavy, bluesy, jazzy, progressive rock: Roc Bar, Scout Bar, Warehouse Live, Fitzgeralds, the 19th Hole, Jet Lounge, have all been soiled by their presence.

Finding Reason formed in 2003 when Ben (formerly of Less Than Serious) Greg, and Todd decided to get together to play some tunes. Ideas for original material quickly developed but were slow to be completed as the trio had no drummer and all had busy day-jobs.

Initially, Ben had to pull triple-duty as lead guitarist, vocalist, and laying down drum tracks in the studio. Though Ron of the Death Carpet Trio (DC3) offered to do some drum work and performed on the the track "Ghost Of A Man." In 2007, FR was asked to play at a friend's birthday party, where they filled a slot between DC3 and Less Than Serious. They went on to play a few other private events (charity fundraisers & house parties) in 2008 & early 2009, all with Ron filling in on drums.

Then in March of 2009, FR hooked up with Priest, a wicked drummer from Pasadena who is actively involved in the music scene. The band started playing shows at local Houston venues by the end of '09, including ROC Bar and Scout Bar. However, due to political differences, Priest left the band in January of 2010.

In February of 2010, FR discovered Ryan Rushing through a series of celebrity contacts. Ryan had been out of the music scene for a while after living the highly debaucherous lifestyle for so long and was ready to get back into the groove with some FR tunes.

In June of 2010, FR parted ways with Todd and carried on the best they could as a power-trio. While taking on shows here and there, the band put together a demo CD called "Antidisestablishmentarianism" and officially released it on Oct. 29.

Shortly thereafter, the band met ax-wielding madman, Kenny. He officially joined the band in December and rocked out with FR on stage at Warehouse Live in Houston on December 19 and a bunch more shows. Creative differences caused a breakup with Kenny, though the guys remain friends.

The latest change in the band has been the addition of a dedicated vocalist. Bradley is a talented musician with an awesome voice, and skills with guitar and brass instruments. After an impressive audition, including blowing the horn some during Blue Devils and Chupacabra, Bradley officially joined the band in June of 2011 and started rockin out with the band, bringing a new perspective on the established music, as well as fresh ideas for new tunes.

and the background image? It is a photo taken less than 1 msec after a nuclear explosion on a tower. The spikes are the guy wires vaporizing.